In order to ensure that all our engineers are up to date with current innovations, arrangements are made for them to attend available training seminars from time to time. Our engineers and staffs are also compelled to register and attend relevant webinars. We are interested in the general development of our staffs and that is why consideration is given for them to be trained at anti corruption, customer feedback and field action reporting seminars. We also take our time in training customers on the use and operation of equipments delivered to them.


Customers are assured of getting a hitch free installation from our engineers. We ensure that our engineers are well informed about operation/service manual which thus results in world class installation of equipments. Our engineers perform all necessary installation settings on the installed equipments through standard step by step installation procedures.


We take with utmost importance the safety of both our engineers and customers who use our equipments. We ensure that our staffs are conversant with all the safety rules and regulations and abide by them. Our engineers also take their time to put through our customer’s staffs who work directly with equipment delivered to them on all safety precautions. In addition to implementing safety guidelines for engineers to comply with, we ensure equipments and devices have simple and easy to understand safety signs and signals where necessary.

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